Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and Gong Hay Fat Choy!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all those in love and those who wish to be in love.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of when hubby proposed to me. *sigh* I can't believe we're now 7 years married. But still happily in love. Hubby and I don't normally celebrate Valentine's day. It doesn't turn out to be romantic when you're waiting in line at a crowded restaurant for 40 minutes to an hour. Even with reservations! So we usually celebrate it before or after the 14th. This year, we celebrated a week early by going on a movie date to see "Dear John." Then yesterday, we went out to lunch at Max's restaurant and had some Caldereta, Bicol Express, and Chicken Sisig. Yummy! I haven't had real Filipino food in a while. Its a shame that I'm not a good Filipino cook.

My parents took us all out to a Sunday brunch after church to commemorate Valentine's day and to treat some relatives who just came from the Philippines. We went to one of my parents' favorite places, Delmonico's Lobster House. I've never been here other than for brunch, but they have the same awesome spread every time.

Yummy Broiled Lobster, Lobster Thermadore, prime rib, eggs benedict, pasta.......I could go on and on.

Today also marks the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Calendar. "Kong Hay Fat Choy" to all my Chinese friends, family, and those who celebrate Chinese New Year. My mom somehow celebrates Chinese New Year, even though we're not Chinese. After our brunch, we hung out at my parents house for a bit. There, I saw the bountiful basket of fruits that they would usually place for New Year's. Like I said, my parents are pretty superstitious. So they always have something prepared for Chinese New Year to help bring in good luck.

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