Monday, July 11, 2011

Studio B Buffet @ the M Resort & Casino

I have a love-hate relationship with buffets, especially in Las Vegas. I love buffets if the food is fabulous, which often is not. To me, the foods at buffet restaurants are mass-produced, therefore there's a lack of taste and quality. So its rare to find a really good buffet restaurant. And when we do find a good buffet restaurant, I hate what it does to my waistline.

Sometime last year, we visited one of hubby's cousins in Las Vegas and she and her family took us to eat at the buffet restaurant at the new M Resort & Casino. The hotel is way off the strip, so it isn't as busy and rowdy, which is a nice change of pace. The food was awesome and since that trip, hubby and I vowed to always go to the M Resort for their buffet. Our Vegas trip last fall was a miss. We decided to try to go their buffet on our way back home on a Sunday afternoon. I guess everyone knew about how fabulous their buffet was and decided to eat there the same time we wanted to, because the wait was about 2 hours. Never mind. We ate a quick deli.

This past weekend trip to Vegas, we decided to change our strategy. We had brunch on the Saturday, when we know everyone is coming in to Vegas and staying at the strip. No lines. Woohoo! M Resort, oh how I've missed you.

What I love about Studio B Buffet is their huge selection of different Asian dishes, where most buffets in Vegas have only a small selection. They even had Pad Thai. What buffet does that???

My eyes are obviously bigger than my stomach, because I always seem to fill my plate up. Which is why buffets are never good for my waistline.

Their dessert selection is awesome. The M Resort has a sweet shop, Baby Cakes, that also serves their treats at the buffet. And instead of the regular soft serve machine that is often seen at buffets, Studio B has a gelato counter. Yes, gelato.

My dessert plat consisted of 2 cups of gelato (nougat and chocolate cookie dough flavors), a Tiramisu shot, a Panna Cotta shot, and a Creme Brulee cup.

The Studio B Buffet did not disappoint me again. We'll definitely be coming back to Vegas again, if not only for the Studio B.


Anonymous said...

mmmm!!! looks good! i think bellagio still has the best buffet. but then again, i eat everything but port and the kitchen sink, so i probably wouldn't notice!

Malikala said...

I've had the buffet at the Bellagio a while ago, when they first opened. I guess maybe because it was a while ago and they may have since improved, but I wasn't impressed with it at the time. Looks like I may have to go at it again on a next Vegas trip ;) But definitely try M Resort, even if its off the strip.