Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little princess!

I can't believe my daughter is now 2. It seemed like only yesterday, I was feeling her kicks while she was still in utero. She's grown so fast. But it was such a fun 2 years watching her grow, learn, and become the little person she is now.

For her birthday this year, I wanted to keep it simple and decided to have her party at an indoor playground. My definition of simple is not having to slave in my house, cleaning before and after the party. So doing it someplace other than my house is all I need. For food, I decided to order finger foods, so I wouldn't have to bring chafing dishes. Less mess. So this is what my spread looked like:

Of course, we had to have pizza for the kids. So I ordered a 36" cheese pizza for the kids and a slightly smaller 28" BBQ chicken pizza for the adults from our favorite pizza place, Big Mama's & Papa's. Everyone was impressed at how HUGE these pizzas were. But having a party at an indoor playground, I should've known that the kids wouldn't be able to eat all that pizza. The kids pretty much didn't eat and just played the whole time. The adult pizza, on the other hand, was all gone at the end.

I didn't want to just have pizza for her party. I'm known by hubby to completely overdo it when it comes to food. My way of thinking is 'its better to have a lot of food, than to run out of food.' Besides, if we have too much food, people can always take food home with them. So it never really goes to waste. Anyway, I ordered various other finger foods to eat.

As a tribute to hubby's family from Hawaii who came for the party, we ordered Spam and Chicken Musubi. Its one of my favorite Hawaiian foods. Luckily, we have a fast food Hawaiian restaurant we like to go to, L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Hubby's family, who came, now live in Las Vegas, but I'm sure they appreciate seeing something familiar from the islands.

Another type of finger foods I ordered were empanadas. As you may remember, I was in an Argentinian food kick last month, mainly because I was trying to find a place close to home to order some empanadas. But none of them really compared to my favorite empanadas from Johnny Pacific. Its located a little further from home, but it was totally worth it. And our guests really enjoyed them.

Of course, we also had some turkey sandwiches and Medianoche (or midnight) sandwiches from my favorite cuban bakery/deli, Porto's. The Medianoche sandwich is almost like their cuban sandwiches, but its not cooked on a sandwich press.

For dessert, I ordered the cheese rolls from Porto's and cupcakes from my favorite cupcake shop, Yummy cupcakes. I ordered their assorted mini cupcakes so our guests can have a taste of the many flavors they had to offer. Surprisingly, not everyone had a cupcake. I guess not everyone can share my love for good cupcakes.

And finally, no birthday is complete without the cake. Courtesy of dear brother, and also my daughter's Godfather. We always order our cakes from Hansen's. Their cakes are so yummy and they are always so creative when it comes to decorating their cakes. This cake was a marble cake with chocolate chip filling. yummy! And of course, daughter loves the Winnie the Pooh decorations, which happens to be the theme of her party.

I hope my daughter enjoyed her party as much I enjoyed planning for her. I love you baby!

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