Saturday, April 17, 2010

viva Argentina!

I first introduced my siblings to Argentinian cuisine years ago. We would sometimes order in on a Friday night from an Argentinian restaurant that was a few miles away from my parents house, when I used to live with them. Now that I've married and moved out, its been a while since I've brought Argentinian food for my siblings. So today, I asked them if they wanted to try a restaurant closer to my house. Mom and dad decided to join us for dinner.

We were served with the usual, yummy Chimichurri sauce with crusty bread. My fave!

We also each ordered Beef or Chicken empanadas that were so huge that 2 people can share one. I wasn't able to take a photograph of them because we devoured them pretty quicky. lol.

Then we each ordered a plate of our own. Hubby and I shared a plate of their Entrana Gaucha (grilled skirt steak). The portions they have are so huge, we had to share.

I also ordered a plate of their Gnocchi with Bolognese sauce for my daughter and I to also share.

My brother, dad and sister had their Milanesa. But my brother ordered his smothered, known as the Milanesa Napolitano. It looked so yummy, I wanted to take a picture of his plate.

The highlight of the dinner, I think, were the desserts. Looking at their menu, it seemed the theme of their desserts was Dulce de Leche. We all decided to share 2 desserts. The Copa Helado:

which had flan at the bottom, topped with some sort of chocolate cake, topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Dulce de Leche, topped with Chantilly cream.

We also shared the Panqueques Argentinos:

which were crepes filled with dulce de leche, topped with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. So yummy.

I can honestly say, this restaurant will be one that we'll be visiting often with my family. Next time, I'm gonna try their house Sangria.

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