Sunday, November 1, 2009

The day-after Halloween

I'm all candied out. I've been eating my daughter's candies from trick-or-treating because she obviously can't eat them yet. Today after going to church, my dear brother treated us to some sushi at Bistro Ka. Its the second time I've been to this restaurant, and the second time I've been impressed. The first time we went, my friend Che-Che, treated us and I ordered a bento containing chicken teriyaki, tempura and california rolls. Che Che ordered us a couple of other sushi plates and they were delicious. Today, my brother ordered all kinds of sushi plates, including this Yummie roll

We used to have a favorite sushi restaurant we would eat at, Samsala. Hubby and I would always order their Crispy Crab salmon, which was almost similar to this Yummie Roll. The management there at Samsala changed so often, and the sushi chef's we were accustomed to was no longer there. So we haven't really found the right sushi place to go to until now. I think we'll be going back to Bistro Ka more often to have more of these

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