Friday, November 13, 2009

Good times.....

The long wait is over. After months of anticipation, our dear friend, Reni, came in to town for a quick visit from Oregon a few days ago. We had planned on taking her to Bistro Ka. Apparently, she took a look at my blog entry when Che and I went to Bistro Ka. So she was quite excited to hear that we were taking her there too. We decided to all meet up at the restaurant tonight, where Che reserved the private room. And when we finally all saw each other, it was all shrieks from the girls. We hadn't gotten together in a long time. Probably not since our friend, Vivian's, wedding. So it was a very happy moment, to say the least.

We ordered my favorite, Yummie Roll. As well as this "Dynamite Roll"

After enjoying plates and plates of sushi for about 2 hours, we all bid our farewell to Reni. She leaves for Oregon again tomorrow. Time really flew tonight. But it was great hanging out with my dear friends and their families. I wish we can do this more often. Maybe one day, we'll get to visit her in Oregon.

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me said...

thanks for including me in your food blog :) lovely photo of the dynamite roll, and now i can say that i have tasted it and it was sooo goooddd!