Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lemons on 'Roids

My co worker was mentioning about a diet she heard about that consists of drinking warm lemon water before breakfast and throughout the day. Easy enough. So off I went to get some lemons from my parents. I always brag about how I always get my lemons from my parents' lemon tree to use on my recipes. They seem to have them growing all year long. Well, I didn't mention how awesome these lemons are. They practically have no seeds in them and they are HUGE!!!

In the front-center is an average sized lemon that my neighbor gave us. Behind it are from my parents' lemon tree. The size of grapefruits! Its lemons on steroids! I would say that I can get enough juice in one to equal 2 average sized lemons. I don't know what my dad uses as fertilizer, but whatever it is, its doing an awesome job.

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