Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to my little Princess

I can't believe my daughter is 4 today. I know its cliche, but time did go by so fast as I watched her grow up. I don't think I even remember anything before she was born. But I do remember every moment the day she was born and it was an absolute miracle. She's our miracle and I'm thankful everyday that God has blessed us with our sweet baby girl. She's growing too fast, but she always assures me that she'll always be my baby. I hope she remembers that when she's 16 and we won't allow her to stay out late. lol!

Every year, I usually give myself about 6 months to plan for her birthday. This year is a little different because she's in preschool now, and I have to plan for cake with the kids in her class on top of her birthday party. I wanted to make some cupcakes instead of a whole cake, because it would be easier to distribute among the kids in her class instead of cutting cake. Last week, we asked the school director if it was okay to bring in some cupcakes. She just asked that the cupcakes be the mini size because it would be less messy.

Now that we got the okay, I had the idea of making a pull-apart cake made out of cupcakes in the shape of a butterfly. I decided to make Vanilla Cupcakes because I felt its a neutral and safe cupcake to serve the kids. I made the shape of a butterfly using the cupcakes and placed a small dollop of frosting on the bottom of each cupcake to secure them to the cake board.

Then I placed a mound of frosting on the top and smoothed it out as much as I can.

The coolest part was when I spray painted the color on top of the frosting with a Wilton Color Mist Spray that I found at the craft store. I then outlined the shape of the butterfly with a gel icing and affixed some edible flower candies to decorate the butterfly. I'm actually impressed with myself, because I'm by no means a cake decorator. I struggle with frosting a cupcake, let alone a whole cake.

I also wanted to have a cake for her at home to celebrate with my folks, so I decided to buy the giant cupcake mold and make a giant vanilla cupcake.

It didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped, but it looked okay.

We have a huge party planned for her this weekend. And I can't wait. I hope my daughter can someday appreciate the effort I put into planning her birthdays because she's so very special to me. I love you my little munchkin!

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