Sunday, September 19, 2010


Its the day before our 7th Anniversary. Unfortunately for us, hubby has to be at work and school the whole day tomorrow. So we decided to celebrate our special day a day in advance.

Seven years ago, hubby and I honeymooned in Hawaii. We absolutely LOVE Hawaii. Before our daughter came, we used to visit Hawaii every year. We plan to take her there and go back to our tradition of yearly trips to the islands. But for now, all we have are memories from photos and videos of our trips there.

Today, hubby surprised me by taking me to a Hawaiian restaurant Back Home in Lahaina. I always feel nostalgic whenever we eat Hawaiian food. This place did that for me. Walking in the restaurant, you already start to feel the "aloha," when you are greeted by Hawaiian music and friendly staff.

The menu is very much Hawaiian. We started our meal with the Hawaiian nachos.

I ordered the Kalua pork with macaroni salad and steamed rice. A common plate lunch.

Another common plate lunch is the Loco-Moco, also with macaroni salad and steamed rice. Its a hamburger patty topped with fried eggs and brown gravy. This is hubby's favorite, so its what he ordered.

We each ordered a side of Lomi-Lomi Salmon, often found at luaus in Hawaii. Yummy!

For my daughter, we ordered her Saimin. A ramen noodle soup which she absolutely loved and ate up.

Our overall experience here was a very pleasant one. The food was delicious. The only thing missing was the poi. lol. But I can do without that. We'll definitely go back here again when we start to miss the islands.

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i sure would like some loco moco!