Saturday, May 22, 2010

The pursuit is finally over....

The Kogi Korean Taco truck.......

As you may remember from my previous post, Maybe as good as the taco truck?, I was in a hot pursuit for the said truck but hadn't caught up to it. Until now.

Well, hubby is finally out of school for the summer and I wanted to figure out what we could do on his first Saturday back with my daughter and me. Most weekends were spent away from hubby during the school year because he either had to study for a quiz, midterm or final. Or he had a paper or presentation to do. So I wanted us to finally go out as a family this weekend.

We had a few errands to run in the morning and then a visit with my mother-in-law after that, so there wasn't much time left to do anything else. Well, out of the blue, I decided to check out the Kogi truck website to see where they were this week. Score! They'll be in the Silverlake area near mother-in-law's place. We'll have lunch there.

Because I knew it would be a while until we catch up to the truck again next time, I decided to order most of what's on their menu. Which isn't much.

We definitely had to order their korean chicken and short rib taco. Its what they were first known for. Hubby and I had one of each.

Additionally, I decided to have the korean short rib burrito. I couldn't finish the entire burrito, so I gave the other half for hubby to try. Delicious! Hubby really liked this one.

Hubby ordered the Blackjack Quesadilla, which we also shared. Its filled with a mix of cheese, meat and seasonings that resemble the flavors of kimchi. This one was my favorite.

The overall rating for our first experience with the Kogi truck is 4 thumbs up from me and hubby. Hubby said it was so worth the pursuit. I made a believer out of him.

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