Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Sweet Design

Since I haven't posted any new recipes this week, I decided to do a review of this awesome new custom cake studio I encountered last week. A Sweet Design is a bakery that I've been dying to try out. I first discovered this place a couple of years ago, when they were located about 2 miles from their current location. Because that location was closed down, I, unfortunately, did not have a chance to check them out. I thought they went out of business. Then, I was driving around one day and was so stoked to discover that they had just moved to a new location. I searched online and discovered that they now sold cupcakes! And everyone knows how much I love cupcakes.

I decided to pay them a visit last week with my daughter to try out some cupcakes. My daughter's birthday is coming up in a couple of months. Those who know me well know that I prepare for this event for almost 6 months in advance. So I wanted to try out some of their goods to see if we can order her birthday cake here.

My friend, Kiran, had shared her experience with me when she decided to check them out as well. Unfortunately, her experience wasn't that great. She said the workers she encountered didn't seem like they wanted to help her. So when I walked in the shop, I was already armed with the attitude that the workers will be rude. But they were far from it. My daughter and I walked in a rather plain looking store. You would never know that this was a cake store if they didn't have their cake display. It just looked so plain inside. On one small counter were their cupcakes. We picked out 6 cupcakes to buy. The girl at the counter even made recommendations on what to pick. I then asked the girl at the counter some questions about their custom cake ordering and she directed me to the girls behind the desk, who were assisting others at the time. I was later approached by the owner, Joeleen, who was so sweet and accommodating. Just her attitude alone made me want to come back here. And we definitely will after trying these yummy cupcakes when we got home:

Oreo - a vanilla cupcake with Oreo crumbs
Cola confetti - recommended by the girl at the counter. Hubby said it tasted like cola
Cafe Latte - this is a delicious twist on a regular old mocha cake
Sherbet - tasted exactly as it sounds, sherbet
Reese's pieces - a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting
Pink Velvet - their signature cupcake, which is, more or less, a strawberry cupcake

You can probably already guess which one my daughter picked out - the Pink Velvet Cake. Hubby and my favorite is the Cafe latte. So we've decided these two flavors were probably what we're going to choose from for my daughter's cake, if not both ;) All the cakes were flavorful and moist. But these two seemed to have unique flavors we're looking for. I can't wait to go back again for the consultation and try more cakes.

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